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Solar PV

310w-340w SOLAR PV

Italian Manufactured.

Limited lifetime Product Warranty.

30 Year Performance Guarantee.

Hailstorm Resistance.

Anti-Reflective Glass – Retains More Energy.

60 Solar Cells.


No Maintenance Required.

QBE Insurance.

Better Efficiency; Producing More kWh.



Works with the market leading solar & batteries available today.

Programmable working modes.

Exchanges energy via the grid using mature technology.

Built in emergency power supplies to help protect your system.

Provides a full solution for energy consumers to maximise the use of generated solar energy.

Online smart services.



Monitor your systems energy generation.

Extensive historical information available through data storage.

See the interaction with the grid supply.

Simple, elegant and easy to understand interface.

View the batteries charge and discharge.

Easy to use mobile and desktop apps for convenience.

Storage batteries

Storage batteries


99% depth of charge.

Continuous 000kW flow.

Over voltage protection.

Quality assured.

Exclusive 15-year warranty.

000kW capacity.