Solar Street Light

Setec Systems is a supplier of LED Solar Streetlights in Nigeria. Our Solar Street Lights provide LED lighting using solar panels, which provides a green footprint for many requiring a reduction in carbon saving. Our Solar Street Lights have a unique, simple, stylish design with an integrated solar panel. The entire system is made up of four fundamental components. These are photovoltaic panels, a high-quality LED luminaire, a battery, and a charge controller.

At Setec Systems we are committed to offering you the highest levels of service possible to make the transition from conventional to solar power a simple and easy journey.

We offer design, technical help, support, guidance, wise advice, and professional project management from feasibility study to installation and beyond.

Whatever your requirements are in terms of design, specifications, and costs Setec System can design to meet your requirements. Contact us today to meet your requirements on budgets.